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Create language learning content with interactive text reconstruction activities and quizzes based on short videos.

Search for resources to use with your classes, or use our unique resource-creation tools to create your own TeachVid resource based on any YouTube video.

Check out our featured resources below, which are accessible by anybody on TeachVid without the need to register or subscribe, or visit the resources page to search for the video content of your choice.

Teachers can create classrooms and set assignments and Live Session competitions for their students. To see what a classroom looks like from a student's point of view, visit this example classroom, with assignments designed to demonstrate how assignment activities can be configured to provide varying levels of support, and where you can try out the Live Session feature.


  • Create your own resources using our unique resource creation tools. Find out more.
  • Search from hundreds of ready made TeachVid resources.
  • Create classes and set assignments + Live Sessions for your students.
  • Print pdf worksheets based on video content.


  • Search from hundreds of ready made TeachVid resources in many languages.
  • Watch and learn from videos with bilingual subtitles, transcripts and translations.
  • Practise and develop your language skills via our unique video interface, interactive activities, assignments and Live Sessions.


  • Search resources by video language, student language, category and level.
  • Learn Mode to learn and review the video content, compare languages, vocabulary, structures etc.
  • Activity Mode to practise the language via multiple interactive activities, including via a resource-based Live Session.


  • Invite students, set assignments or assessments for class or homework, assess student progress and monitor activity completion, set Live Sessions.
  • Multiple view modes mean that each activity may have a distinct focus, with or without a passmark.
  • Check out this example classroom from a student's perspective.


TeachVid is a platform that allows users to generate and access interactive learning content based on short YouTube videos for use in class or for independent learning.


Resources are available for multiple languages. Resources are listed by video language, as well as by student language, category and level, so it's easy to find a resource to suit your needs.


Most resources are based on a video transcript. To create a resource you can type or paste in the transcript or use our YouTube caption search to look for automatically generated captions.


In many cases the transcript is also available in translation, allowing users to switch languages and compare. The transcript forms the basis of most of the interactive activities.


Each TeachVid transcript-based resource contains multiple activities whose focus is on filling gaps, keying in letters, re-ordering chunks of text, etc. Transcript-based activities are carried out caption by caption.


TeachVid activities are linked to captions (as defined by the resource creator) and video playback. Captions are often available in translation, and in Learn Mode students can switch between captions and compare.


Captions may be divided into chunks, which are clickable in Learn Mode, providing chunk-level translations and notes for learners. Some reconstruction activities are based on these teacher-defined language chunks.


As well as transcript-based activities, TeachVid also allows you to create an interactive multi-choice quiz based on any YouTube video. (Resources can be transcript-based, quiz-based or a combination of the two.)


Each TeachVid resource also provides access to printable pdf transcripts, translations (where provided) and a variety of worksheets, many of which are based on similar functionality to the interactive activities.


Teachers can assign activities, assessments and Live Sessions for their students to complete. Teachers can view and download data regarding activities completed, scores, time taken, etc.


Assignments can consist of resource previews, practice activities and assessments. A passmark can be set for all assignment activities, and teachers can opt between several view modes for each activity.

timerLive Sessions

Live Sessions are real-time competitions in which students score points on the scoreboard based on the number and accuracy of their interactions. Available via classrooms or via the Live menu option.