starJavier en cuarentena - 2 (Onatti)

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Javier en cuarentena - 2 (Onatti)
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Onatti Productions is a theatre company that specialises in putting on theatrical performances in schools, with content targeted to the needs of secondary school students.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Onatti Productions has turned to YouTube as a way to keep on providing their services to schools, and to help language teachers and students get through the pandemic. Visit their YouTube channel and their website (links below) for more content and information about the services that they provide.

This is part 2 (of 2) of a question and answer session with Javier, from Granada, Spain.

Onatti Productions YouTube channel:

Onatti Productions website:
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Onatti Productions

Onatti has an established reputation for creating exciting and modern stories aimed at an audience learning a foreign language. We are experts in producing visual arts in a different language to that of the audience.

Yes, we are new to making films, but we are not new to producing engaging visual-arts in foreign languages.
Our experience gives us a wealth of knowledge; applying that to making films makes us excited, enthusiastic, keen and focused!

Onatti FILMS are...

Modern and new
Suitable - pitched correctly
Level appropriate
Perfect spoken delivery

Our short films are created solely to be used in a classroom environment. All come with teaching resources

Time for Modern Foreign Languages to have Modern Foreign resources.

Right from the initial planning of each film we keep to one aim -
“inspiring for teaching and engaging for students”
Excellent, well thought though, confidence boost to your student’s listening skills.
Always authentic language

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