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Mensaje de Papá Noel
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A message from Father Christmas / Santa Claus from Lapland.
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Santatelevision is the Official Internet TV of the Santa Claus / Father Christmas of Lapland in Finland. Our truly family-friendly Youtube channel Santatelevision, which fits also to travelers, offers videos about Santa Claus, his reindeer and elves in Lapland. Discover the magical Lapland with Northern lights and Rovaniemi, the official hometown of Santa Claus. Most of the our videos are targeted to families and travelers: some videos also targetted mainly for young children under 13 years like the video messages of Santa and his elves.
Santatelevision es la Televisión Oficial por Internet de Papá Noel / Santa Claus en Laponia, Finlandia.
Santatelevision ofrece vídeos sobre Papá Noel, sus renos y elfos en Laponia. Descubre la mágica Laponia, las Auroras Boreales y Rovaniemi, la Ciudad oficial de Papá Noel.

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